Council for Optical Radiation Measurements
2014 Presentations

ROSI: the NIST Robotic Optical Scatter Instrument for UV-SWIR Goniometric
Reflectance Measurements
Heather J. Patrick, NIST

Applications of Spectrophotometry in the study of Plasmonic Nanostructures
Li-Lin Tay, National Research Council Canada

NIST Emittance and Non-Contact Temperature Metrology in Support of Advanced
Sergey Mekhontsev, NIST

Measurement of Low-Level Infrared Diffuse Reflectance
Leonard Hanssen, NIST

Problems and solutions in accurate measurement of directional reflectance and
transmittance of diffusing and textured samples with a UV/Vis/NIR spectrophotometer
Peter A.van Nijnatten, OMT Solutions BV

A Cryogenic Vacuum facility for characterization of optical materials for Space
Peter A.van Nijnatten, OMT Solutions BV

Report on TC 1-89 Enhancement of Images for Color Defective Observers
Po-Chieh Hung, Ph.D. Konica Minolta Laboratory, USA

Field Measurements of New Retroreflective Highway Sign Materials
John Bullough, Ph.D., Lighting Research Center, Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute

Design of Mesopic Photometers Based on CIE 191
Tatsukiyo Uchida, Panasonic Corp., Osaka, Japan

Method of Characterizing Flicker
Michael Poplowski, Pacific Northwest National Laboratory

CIE Work on Test Method for Measurement of Solid State Lighting Products and
Uncertainty Evaluation
Yoshi Ohno, Ph.D., NIST

CIE/USA Division Reports
Alan Lewis, O.D., Ph.D. President, CIE/USA

Evolving Requirements for NVLAP Accreditation to IES-LM-79 – Equipment Calibration
and Uncertainty Analysis
James E. Leland, Copia LLC

Basics of Uncertainty
David Gross, OSRAM

Case Study: Calibration Uncertainty Analysis for an Integrating Sphere Photometer
James E. Leland, Copia LLC

Case Study: Calibration Uncertainty Analysis for an Integrating Sphere
Andrew Jackson, Philips Lighting Company

Case Study: Interpolation, Correlation and NIST standards
David Gross, OSRAM

Embracing Uncertainty: Perspectives on Uncertainty in an Uncertain World
Michael Grather, Michael Grather Consulting

A Pleasure to See: the art and science of lighting art museums
Scott Rosenfeld, Lighting Designer, Smithsonian Institute

Minimizing Current Source-Induced Errors in LM-85 Measurements
Jeff Hulett, Vektrex

Airborne Aerosol Light Scattering Measurements by a Portable Instrument: Validation
and Errors
Gergely Dolgos, Department of Physics, University of Maryland, J. Vanderlei Martins, Joint Center for Earth Systems Technology, University of Maryland

Improvements to LM-79 to guide the user around potential pitfalls in Solid-State Lighting

Cameron Miller, NIST

Effects of Using Database of a Large Number of Samples for Color Rendering Metrics
Yoshi Ohno, NIST

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