Council for Optical Radiation Measurements
2008 Presentations


What over Watts? - Grum Lecture Mark S. Rea


Simulating low vision in high dynamic range scenes
James A. Ferwerda, Piti Irawan, Stephen R. Marschner
Are high dynamic range displays bad for the eyes? James A. Ferwerda and Aries Arditi
Circadian-effective Light Part 1. Phototransduction and signal pathways of the visual and circadian systems Mariana Figueiro
The Unified System of Photometry Mark Rea, John Bullough, Andrew Bierman, Jean Paul Freyssinier
Seeking Global End-Product Incoherent Optical Radiation Standards - Safety Requirements, test methods, engineering controls, and marking. David Dubiel
Circadian-effective Light Part 2. Measurement considerations for research and clinical treatment of circadian disorders Andrew Bierman
A practical method for measurement of high-power LEDs Yuqin Zong and Yoshi Ohno
Spectral Irradiance Calibrations at the National Research Council of Canada (NRC) Arnold Gaertner
Quantitative Optical Medical Imaging Program at NIST Maritoni Litorja, David Allen, Steven Brown
Development of a robot-based gonioreflectometer for spectral BRDF measurement Réjean Baribeau and William S. Neil
Report of Transmittance Round-robin Danny Rich and Ronald Daubach
The Darkest Manmade Material: Nanostructure and Randomness Zu-Po Yang and Shawn-Yu Lin
Instant Retroreflection Measurements – Prepared in 1 Minute Cameron Miller
Photometric Measurements in the Field Ron Gibbons
Lamp Spectrum and Light Pollution Chris Luginbuh, David Keith, Jeffrey Knox
Spectral and Temporal Factors Associated with Headlight Glare: Implications for Measurement John Bullough
Visual signaling: Aerial Refueling Tanker's PDL (Pilot Director Lights) Improvement for Pilot's Visual Acuity Julian Chang
A Study of Mesopic Adaptation Conditions for Night Drivers Using an Approximation for Oncoming Headlight Glare Robert L. Donofrio
Remote Airfield Lighting: "Modeling sequential tasks using the unified system of photometry Mark Rea, Zongjie Yuan, Andrew Bierman
Improving Color Rendering Assessment of Sources: International Standardization Work Wendy Davis
Color Rendering: a Tale of Two Metrics Mark Rea and Jean Paul Freyssinier
Measurement Protocols for Optically Active Pigmented Coatings Maria Nadal and Cameron Miller
Fluorescent Excitation from White LEDs David R Wyble
Psychophysical Evaluations of Various Color Rendering from LED-based Architectural Lighting Maria Thompson, Una-May O’Reilly, Robert Levin
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