2007 Papers

An Introduction to the National Voluntary Laboratory Accreditation Program
- Sally Bruce, NVLAP

NVLAP Draft Summary of Round 11 Compact Fluorescent Results
- Dr. Larry Knab, NVLAP

IESNA Approved Method for the Electrical and Photometric Measurements of Solid-State Lighting Products - Draft 4.0
- Dr. Ron Daubach

The Role of the CIE and the U.S. National Committee in Establishing Standards for Measurement and Characterization of Solid State Lighting Equipment and Products
- Anderson

US Government Participation in Consensus Standards Development: OMB Circular A-119
- Daryl Myers, NREL

NIST Role in Supporting the Solid State Lighting Initiative
- Dr. Yoshi Ohno, NIST

Standardization of LED measurements; New Pulication of CIE Technical Report # 127:2007
- Dr. Kathleen Murray, Inphora Inc.

ASTM Standards on Color and Appearance
- RobertT. Marcus, Sun Chemical Corporation

The Measurement of Color and ISO/IEC 17025
- Gene Zerlaut, SC-International Inc.

Flux-OMeter, Making Measurements more Accessible
- Robert L. Donofrio, Display Device Consultants LLC

Mesopic LED Light Source for Automotive Luminance and Color Measurements
- Andrew Bierman, Martin Overington, LRC

A History of Solar and Ultraviolet Radiometer Calibration Standards
- Gene Zerlaut and Warren Ketola

Weathering Testing for Retroreflective Sheetings
- W.D. Ketola

Spatial Stray Light Correction for Imaging Instruments Using the Matrix Method
- Yuqin Zong

Preliminary Measurement of the Termperature of a Blackbody using Filter Radiometers
- Charles Bamber, L.P. Boivin, A. Gaertner,F. Gauthier, R. Gerson, D. Woods; NRC

Novel Flux Calibration Source
- David C. Gross, Osram Sylvania

Long Term Stability of Bi-Planar Vacuum Photodiodes
- Chris Brumage

Flash Pyrometry Techniques for Health Hazard Evaluation
- Terry L. Lyon, USACHPPM

Filter Radiometers for Weathering and Photo Stability Tests
- Artur Schonlein, ATLAS Material Testing Technolgy GmbH

Characterization of Integrating Spheres for Ultraviolet Radiometry
- Ping-Shine Shaw, ZhigLi, Uwe Arp, Howard W. Yoon, Robert D. Saunders, Keith Lykke, NIST