Radiometry & Photometry:

Photochemical Reactors: Theory, Methods, and Applications of Ultraviolet Radiation

by Ernest R. Blatchley III

An intuitively organized and incisive exploration of UV radiation and its modern applications.
In Photochemical Reactors: Theory, Methods, and Applications of Ultraviolet Radiation, distinguished civil engineer and researcher Dr. Ernest R. Blatchley III delivers a comprehensive exploration of the theory, methods, and contemporary and emerging applications of ultraviolet (UV) radiation. The author describes the fundamentals of the history of photochemistry and photochemical reactions before moving on to consider the dynamic behavior of UV-based reactor systems and the physical concepts that govern natural and man-made sources of UV radiation.

Introduction to Radiometry and Photometry

by Ross McCluney

Description: This second edition of an Artech House classic title describes in detail the relationship between radiometry and photometry. It covers information needed to solve problems in radiation transfer and detection, detectors, measuring instruments, and concepts in colorimetry.

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Color Science: Concepts and Methods, Quantitative Data and Formulas

By Gunter Wyszecki & Walter Stanley Stiles

Description: This paperback reprint of a classic book deals with all phases of light, color, and color vision, providing comprehensive data, formulas, concepts, and procedures needed in basic and applied research in color vision, colorimetry, and photometry.


Bibliotheca Opticoria 1475-1925
By David L. DiLaura

Excerpt from the book description: "Bibliotheca Opticoria 1475-1925 describes 774 books that made and marked the history of optics -- all from the collection of the author. Over a span of nearly 500 years, the books describe the development of the theory, practice, and application of optics. Topics include: The nature of vision and ocular optics, The nature of light and physical optics, Formation of images and geometrical optics, Optical craft and materials, Light as measurement tool, Mathematization of optics, and How optics was taught and learned."

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