CORM’s Mission

The Council shall operate solely and exclusively as a non-profit organization with the following aims and purposes:

  • To establish consensus among interested parties on national industrial and academic requirements for physical standards, calibration services methodology and interlaboratory collaboration programs in the field of optical radiation measurements, including radiometry and the optical properties of materials.
  • To establish a national consensus on the priorities to be assigned to meeting these requirements.
  • To maintain liaison with the National Institute of Standards and Technology, other sources of standards and services, and to advise on requirements and priorities.
  • To cooperate with other organizations, both public and private, and to accomplish these objectives for the direct and indirect benefit of the public at large.
  • To assure that information on existing or proposed standards, calibration services, collaboration programs, and its own activities is widely disseminated to interested parties.
  • To answer inquiries about such standards activities or forward such inquiries to appropriate agencies.