CORM 2018 Presentations

Solid State Lighting: Novel Ideas/Applications & Standardization Updates

Summary of NVLAP Round 15 Proficiency Test
- Rolf Bergman, NVLAP

Flicker (Pstlm) and Stroboscopic effect (SVM)– Light Measurements in Photometrical Laboratories
- Andy Jackson, Philips Lighting

White Paper on SWIR Camera Test – The New Swux Unit
- Chris Durell, Labsphere

A Comparison of the three methods used for LED measurements: single pulse, pulse train, and DC
- Yuqin Zong, NIST

A Comparison of Goniophotometer and Sphere Measurements of SSL Products in MAP1
- Cameron Miller, NIST

Special Session from Emerging Professionals

Anomaly detection methods for bloodstain detection on a complicated simulated crime scene using a multispectral imaging system
- Jie Yang, RIT

Ray Tracing Tools for Ultraviolet Fluence Rate Simulations in Photoreactors
- Yousra Ahmed, Purdue

High Dynamic Range Imaging for Luminance Measurement: Sources of Error
- Sarah Safranek, PNNL