CORM 2021 Presentations

Current Research at the NMIs - (Cameron Miller)

UV & IR Radiation – Measurements, Concerns & Applications
David Sliney

Challenges of measuring Far UV-C 222nm lamps
correctly and meaningfully

H. Claus, Ushio America
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Analysis of KrCl Excimer lamps for safe whole room disinfection

R. Bergman
Video Presentation

Proposed increase in exposure limits for UV-C wavelengths – measurement issues

D.H. Sliney
Video Presentation

Angular resolution in VCSEL radiant intensity distribution measurements

Tobias Schneider, Instrument Systems
Video Presentation

UVGI Dose Monitors: Characterization, Calibration and Application

G. Mckee, Labsphere
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Health & Well-Being Responses to Light and their Measurement
Jennifer Veitch

Pilot study on visibility of phantom array and stroboscopic effects

Naomi J. Miller and Jianchuan Tan
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White Light Exposures and Mood: A Systematic Review and Meta-Analysis

Nixon, A., Robillard, R., Leveille, C., Despot, J., Haddad, A., Richards, C., Bradley-Garcia, M., Porteous, M., Veitch, J.
Video Presentation

Effects of Near Infrared Radiation in Ambient Lighting on Cognitive Performance,
Emotional Well-being, and Cardiovascular Physiology

Charlotte Roddick, Jennifer Veitch, Michael Royer & Lorne Whitehead
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