CORM 2022 Presentations

Applications and Metrology
Jeff Hulett

Study on Measurement of Temporal Light Modulation Waveforms

Yuqin Zong, C. Cameron Miller, NIST
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SPICE Model Generation of LEDs using Pulsed Samples and Companion Software Analysis

Alexis Lockwood, Remington Bullis, Boulder Engineering Studio
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Compact, High Output, Pulsed LED Light Engine Design guided by DCP

BJ Houssand, Jenoptik Inc.
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Uncertainty Evaluation of the Chromaticity Coordinates of LED Signal Lights for Vehicles

L. Prado Jr., R. C. F. de Lima, C.E. Anderson, Pradolux Ind. Com. Ltda
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Junction Temperature Assessment for LEDs & Lasers Operated in Pulsed Mode

Jeff Hulett, Vektrex
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Experimental Analysis of the Photometry and the Colorimetry of Signal Lights of Vehicles Designed for Filament Bulbs and Equipped with LED Bulbs

R. C. F. de Lima, L. Prado Jr., C.E. Anderson, Pradolux Ind. Com. Ltda
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Advances and Applications in Spectrophotometry
Thomas Germer

Optical Properties of Plasmonic Paper

Li-Lin Tay, Shawn Poirier, Ali Ghaemi, Hal Bowen-Smith and John Hulse, NRC
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Learning from over 20 years of Optical Interference Coatings Manufacturing Contest

Daniel Poitras, NRC
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Sprayable Cool White Coatings Based on Glass Bubbles and Solar Transparent Binders

Xiao Nie(1), Hoyeon Park(1), Heather J. Patrick(2), Jaeho Lee(1), (1) Department of Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering, University of California, Irvine, (2) Sensor Science Division, NIST Technology (NIST)
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Current Research at the NMIs
Luke Sandilands

Fiber Optic Cryogenic Radiometer at CENAM

Zeus E. Ruiz, CENAM
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The Digital NIST: Pilot Project for the Digital Transformation of NIST’s Measurement Services

Catherine Cooksey, NIST
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Digital Transformation: A Pilot Study Explores Digitalisation in the Context of CIPM and RMO Transmittance Comparisons

Blair Hall, MSL New Zealand
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Progress in Few-Photon Metrology at NRC

Jeongwan Jin, NRC
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Light and Health: Measuring the Stimulus and Response
Andrea Wilkerson

Performance of a Mini Spectrophotometer as a Wearable Circadian Light Measurement Tool

Kore R. S., Reichenberger, D., Mundinger, J., Chang, A. M., Durmus D., Pennsylvania State University
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Development of an Open, Wearable Optical Spectral Irradiance Sensor

Alstan Jakubiec, Sadi Wali, Arsalan Khan, University of Toronto
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TLM Measurements for Characterizing the Standardized Measures for the Visibility of Temporal Light Artefacts

Jiaye (Jane) Li, Yoshi Ohno, NIST
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Temporal Light Modulation Waveform Generation, Distortion, and Correction

Lia Irvin, Eduardo Rodriguez-Feo Bermudez, PNNL
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Subject Perception of Flicker Experiment

Naomi Miller, Eduardo Rodriguez-Feo Bermudez, PNNL
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Impact of Sampling Rate on Flicker Metric Calculations

Jianchuan Tan, PNNL
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Vision & Color
Yoshi Ohno

Color Matching Accuracy Experiment: Characterizing the Current CIE CMFs and the Cone-Fundamental-Based CMFs

Jiaye (Jane) Li, NIST
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Estimating the perceived colorfulness of images of indoor environments

Yuwei (Eunice) Wang, Dorukalp Durmus, Pennsylvania State University
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The Effect of Illuminance and Gamut Shape on Preference and Saliency of Natural Objects

Christie Gonzalez, Rugved Kore, Dorukalp Durmus, Pennsylvania State University
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UV & IR Radiation: Measurements, Concerns & Applications
Robert Vest

Key Findings from Radiometric Testing of Direct-Irradiation GUV Products

Jason Tuenge, PNNL
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Current Documentary Standards Development for an Ultraviolet Germicidal Irradiance Economy

C. Cameron Miller, NIST
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SARS-CoV-2 Inactivation by Ultraviolet Radiation and Visible Light is Dependent on Wavelength and Sample Matrix

Mike Schuit, US Department of Homeland Security
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Reflectance Measurements of Building Materials in the Far UVC (222 nm) Wavelength Range

Holger Claus, Ushio America Inc., Catherine Cooksey, NIST
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