CORM 2017 Presentations - New LINKS

New and Challenging Areas of Display Metrology – HDR and Color Volume
- Joe Miseli, JVM Research

Chromaticity and the Perceived Brightness of a White Stimulus
- John Bullough, Lighting Research Center, RPI

Models for Predicting Color Point Stability
- Eric Bretschneider, EB Designs & Technology

Thinking Ahead for Domestic Solid State Lighting Manufacturing
- Eric Haugaard, Cree Lighting

Analysis of Spectrometers
- Cameron Miller, NIST

Sky Glow Measurement and Modeling
- Bruce Kinzey, Pacific Northwest National Laboratory

OP-6: Phosphor Efficiency Test Methods
- Joanne Zwinkels, Chair

OP-7: Characterization of SSL Diffusers
- Mark Jongewaard, Chair

CR-1: Lamp and LED standards
- Dave Gross, Chair

The Effect of the Spectral Content of a Glare Source and its Background on Discomfort Glare
- Rohan Nagare, Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute

Method for Quantifying the Spectral Based Error in Luminance Measurements
- Katie Teman, BEGA

Dynamic Visual Adaptation Lab
- Michael Murdoch, Laboratory RIT

Dependence of Bidirectional Instrument Performance on Sample BRDF Properties
- David R Wyble, Avian Rochester, LLC

Status of work at AATCC, ISO, ASTM, CIE with Relationship to Lighting and Color
- Ann Laidlaw, ACL Color Consulting LLC

An Extension to Matrix R Theory
- Hugh Fairman, Resource III

UV Germicidal Measurements
- Richard Vincent, Icahn School of Medicine, Mt. Sinai

UV Safety Measurements – Rationale and Problems
- David Sliney, Consulting Medical Physicist

CR-10: UV Measurement
- Tom Larason, Chair Pro Tem
- Update presented by Richard Vincent, Icahn School of Medicine, Mt. Sinai

LED Studies
- Ilko Iliev, FDA

Ultraviolet Safety Assessment – Measurement Alternatives
- Terry Lyon, Consulting Physicist; and David Sliney, Consulting Medical Physicist

Broadband UV LED measurements at NIST
- George Eppeldauer, NIST; Presented by: Bob Angelo, Gigahertz-Optik

Franc Grum Memorial Banquet and Lecture: Measuring and Applying Circadian Light in the Field
- Mariana G. Figueiro, Ph.D.

Uncertainty and Performance Results From a Component by Component Upgrade to the Visible Comparator Facility
- Jeanne M. Houston, Howard W. Yoon, Thomas C, Larason, NIST

Highlights of current photometry and radiometry research activities at NRC
- Luke Sandilands, National Research Council of Canada

Reflectance Measurements with the Robotic Optical Scatter Instrument (ROSI)
- Heather Patrick, NIST

Uncertainty Analysis – SI-traceable Current-to-Voltage Converters
- Cameron Miller, NIST and Thomas Larason, NIST
- Presented by Cameron Miller, NIST

Improvements in the Spectral Irradiance Calibrations Performed in the Visible Comparitor
- Jeanne M. Houston, Howard W. Yoon, Yuqin Zong, NIST

Towards a New Absolute Diffuse Reflectance Instrument at the NRC
- Joanne Zwinkels, Li-Lin Tay, Arnold Gaertner, Andrew Todd, and Angela Gamouras
- Presented by Luke Sandilands, National Research Council of Canada