2011 Presentations


Fundamentals of uncertainty analysis for optical measurements: Where do I start?
- Cameron Miller

Case Study: Uncertainty analysis for luminance ratio measurements 
- Cameron Miller

Case study: Uncertainty analysis for NIST spectral irradiance measurements
- Howard Yoon

Case study: Uncertainty analysis for NIST reflectance colorimetry measurements
- Maria Nadal

Uncertainty budgets for integrated photometric measurements 
- Rolf Bergman

Case study: Uncertainty analysis for integrating goniometric measurements 
- Cameron Miller

SSL Novel Ideas/Applications, Standardization Updates

A Practical Photometer for CIE Performance Based Mesopic Photometry System
- Tatsukiyo Uchida

Proficiency Test Group 12 results 
- Rolf Bergman

Calculation of CCT and Duv and Practical Conversion Formulae
- Yoshi Ohno

Development of a 365 nm LED Source as a UV Transfer Standard
- Dr. Shen Zhu

Fluorescence errors in integrating sphere measurements of remote phosphor type LED light sources
- Arno Keppens
– Presented by Yuqin Zong 

Practical Ideas and Tips for Laboratory Measurements

TM- 21 Update: Method for Projecting Lumen Maintenance of LEDs
- Eric Richman

Real- time Passive Fluorescence Spectra of Induced Stress in Vegetation
- Arnold Theisen

Review of Commercial Light Meter Calibration 
- K Frank Lin

Practical Lumen Maintenance Testing Using LM - 80 - A discussion of Best Practics and Recent Standards Activity
- Jeff Hulett

A closer look at photobiological safety measurements
- Egbert Lenderink

Simple silicon photodiode based femto- watt measurement system and its implication –
- Yuqin Zong

Frank Grum Memorial Lecture

A view from the other side of technology: SSL, market forces, politics, and communication
- Dale Work

Optical Properties of Materials

Characterisation of Fluorescent Materials 
- Sven Leyre

Results of a Nationwide Intercomparison of Infrared Spectral Reflectance Capabilities – - Boris Wilthan/Leonard Hanssen

A high- power, tunable, supercontinuum- based VIS- SWIR light source for the STARR II gonioreflectometer
- Heather Patrick/and Clarence J. Zarobila

Integrating sphere superposition technique for quantifying the linearity of InGaAs detectors 
- Angelo Arecchi

Laboratory Versus Production SSL Metrology

Laboratory versus Production SSL Metrology: Lessons and Questions from CALiPER 
- Mia Paget
– Presented by Eric Richman

Thermal issues in relation to metrics reported on LED data sheets
- Andras Poppe

Calibrating Optical Sensors for Semiconductor Process Control
- John Corless

CALiPER Deep Dive Long- Term Testing—Correlation from SSL Device Performance to End Product
- Mia Paget
– Presented by Eric Richman