2016 Presentations

Solid State Lighting (SSL) Technology and Metrology

Understanding TM-30 vs. CRI
Yoshi Ohno, NIST

Review of Results of NVLAP Proficiency Test 14
Rolf Bergman, Rolf Bergman Consulting

Current Source Induced LED Photometric Measurement Variations
Jeff Hulett, Vektrex

New CIE TC on Broadband UV LED Radiometric Measurements, 320 nm to 420 nm
George Eppeldauer, NIST

Workshop: Visual Anomalies in Solid-State Lighting

CIE 170-2 - Cone-Fundamental-Based Colorimetry and Photometry
Youngshin Kwak, NIST / UNIST, Korea

Melanopsin, True Brightness and the Recalibration of Light Meters
Sam Berman, Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory (Emeritus) & Bradley Schlesselman, Musco Sports Lighting

Federal Aviation Administration Lighting Research and Development 

Donald Gallagher, Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) Special Session: Emerging Professionals - Chair: Mark Jongewaard

Quantifying View: A Way Forward to Statistically Analyzing the Effect of View on Human Performance
Arpan Guha & Clarence E. Waters, University of Nebraska-Lincoln

Field and Laboratory Measurements of High Flux LED Luminaires Designed for High-Temperature Environments
Andrea M. Wilkerson, PNNL

Recent Progress in the Optical Characterization of Carbon Nanotubes
Yanmei Piao, NIST

Phase-space Tomography for Measuring Partially Coherent Fields of Light Sources
Rui Qi, Liangyu Qiu, & Miguel Alonso, University of Rochester

Display Metrology

Multispectral Measurements of Emissive and Reflective Properties of Displays
Pierre Boher, Thierry Leroux, Thibault Bignon, & Véronique Collomb-Patton, ELDIM

Optical Measuring Methods for Transparent Displays
John Penczek and Paul Boynton, NIST

Optical Properties of Materials

Measuring Forward Fluorescence in Remote Phosphors Used in LED Luminaires
Clarence Zarobila, NIST

The Need for Long-Term Quantitative Characterization of SSL Diffusers
Emil Radkov, SORAA

Measurements of the Hemispherical Reflectance and the Optical Properties of a Quartz Diffuser
Paul Lemaillet, NIST

Diffuse Reflectance and Light Trapping from Textured Silicon Surfaces in Photovoltaic Applications
Thom Germer, NIST, et al.

Current Research at National Metrology Institutes

Current Research Activities at NRC
A.A. Gaertner, A. Gamouras, & J.C. Zwinkels, NRC

PV Characterization Metrology at NIST
Behrang Hamadani, NIST

Radiometric Measurement Traceability Paths for Photovoltaic Calibrations
Howard Yoon, NIST

Current Capabilities in Photometry and Radiometry at CENAM
Noe Vidal, Tatiana Ortega, & Carlos Matamoros, CENAM

Why Should We Care for the 400nm UV Upper Limit and the Effectiveness of the Resistance to Radiance Test on the Standards? 
Liliane Ventura & Mauro Masili, University of São Paulo

Franc Grum Memorial Banquet and Lecture
David H. Sliney, Ph.D.

UV Radiometry

CIE Guide to the Measurement of Upper Room UVGI Luminaires: CIE TC 6-52
Richard L. Vincent, Icahn School of Medicine, Mt. Sinai

Comparison of Commercial UV LED Sources and Radiometers
Robert F. Berg, NIST

The New SURF Beamline 3
Robert Vest, NIST

Industry Needs for UV LED Radiometry
Robin Wright, 3M

Proposed LED UV Bands; New Radiometric Methods for Measurement of the Bands
Joe May, EIT

Accurately Measuring UV Sources
Darrin Leonhardt, Heraeus Noblelight America LLC