2008 Presentations

What over Watts? - Grum Lecture
- Mark S. Rea

Simulating low vision in high dynamic range scenes
- James A. Ferwerda, Piti Irawan, Stephen R. Marschner

Are high dynamic range displays bad for the eyes?
- James A. Ferwerda and Aries Arditi

Circadian-effective Light Part 1. Phototransduction and signal pathways of the visual and circadian systems
- Mariana Figueiro

The Unified System of Photometry
- Mark Rea, John Bullough, Andrew Bierman, Jean Paul Freyssinier

Seeking Global End-Product Incoherent Optical Radiation Standards - Safety Requirements, test methods, engineering controls, and marking.
- David Dubiel

Circadian-effective Light Part 2. Measurement considerations for research and clinical treatment of circadian disorders
- Andrew Bierman

A practical method for measurement of high-power LEDs
- Yuqin Zong and Yoshi Ohno

Spectral Irradiance Calibrations at the National Research Council of Canada (NRC)
- Arnold Gaertner

Quantitative Optical Medical Imaging Program at NIST
- Maritoni Litorja, David Allen, Steven Brown

Development of a robot-based gonioreflectometer for spectral BRDF measurement
- Réjean Baribeau and William S. Neil

Report of Transmittance Round-robin
Danny Rich and Ronald Daubach

The Darkest Manmade Material: Nanostructure and Randomness
- Zu-Po Yang and Shawn-Yu Lin

Instant Retroreflection Measurements – Prepared in 1 Minute
- Cameron Miller

Photometric Measurements in the Field
- Ron Gibbons

Lamp Spectrum and Light Pollution
- Chris Luginbuh, David Keith, Jeffrey Knox

Spectral and Temporal Factors Associated with Headlight Glare: Implications for Measurement
- John Bullough

Visual signaling: Aerial Refueling Tanker's PDL (Pilot Director Lights) Improvement for Pilot's Visual Acuity
- Julian Chang

A Study of Mesopic Adaptation Conditions for Night Drivers Using an Approximation for Oncoming Headlight Glare
- Robert L. Donofrio

Remote Airfield Lighting: "Modeling sequential tasks using the unified system of photometry
- Mark Rea, Zongjie Yuan, Andrew Bierman

Improving Color Rendering Assessment of Sources: International Standardization Work
- Wendy Davis

Color Rendering: a Tale of Two Metrics
- Mark Rea and Jean Paul Freyssinier

Measurement Protocols for Optically Active Pigmented Coatings
- Maria Nadal and Cameron Miller

Fluorescent Excitation from White LEDs
- David R Wyble

Psychophysical Evaluations of Various Color Rendering from LED-based Architectural Lighting
- Maria Thompson, Una-May O’Reilly, Robert Levin