2015 Presentations

Session – Solid-State Lighting

Chair: Andy Jackson, Philips Lighting

Measurement Complications of High Frequency Electricity
- Cameron Miller, NIST

Disconnect Between Conventional Photometry and Scene Brightness Perception 
- John Bullough, RPI Lighting Research Center

Solid-State Lighting Measurement Assurance Program Summary with Analysis of Metadata
- Cameron Miller, NIST

New Dimensions in Lighting: Why Metrics and Measurements Need to Adapt 
- Joshua Miller, Acuity Brands Lighting

SSL Stabilization: Some Data and Some Math

Session – Advances in Radiometry

Chair: Paul Williams, NIST

Upgrading the Spectral Irradiance Scale at NRC 
- Angela Gamouras, NRC Canada

Exploring Optical Radiation Pressure as a Convenient Measure of High- Power Laser Emission
- Paul Williams, NIST

Towards International Guidelines for Germicidal Air Disinfection
- Shelly Miller, University of Colorado

Reverse-Engineering the Sun for Solar Cell Research
- Tasshi Dennis, NIST Thursday, May 14

Session – Uncertainty Analysis for Lighting Measurement

Chair: Michael Grather, LightLab International Allentown

Calibration Uncertainty for Common Photometric Laboratory Equipment: An ISO 17025 Concern
- Cameron Miller, NIST

Evaluation of Uncertainty in Luminous Flux Given the Uncertainty in the Spectral Flux
- Rolf Bergman, Consultant

Practical Approaches to Uncertainty Analysis for Light Measurement Using Integrating Spheres with Spectroradiometers
- Dan Scharpf, Labsphere

Uncertainty of Integrated Quantities using Goniometric Data: What to Do With the Space Between the Measurements
- Cameron Miller, NIST

SI-Traceable Calibration and Nonlinearity Measurement and Uncertainties of Current-to-Voltage Convertors
- Thomas Larason, NIST

Session – Optical Properties of Materials

Chair: Catherine Cooksey, NIST

Goniometric BRDF Measurements of Sub-0.1% Reflectance Pyrheliometer Cavities 
- Heather Patrick, NIST

Spectral Reflectance Variability of Skin and Attributing Factors 
- Catherine Cooksey, NIST

Advanced Analytical and Experimental Techniques for Characterizing the Optical Scattering of Surfaces
- James Jafolla, Surface Optics

HDR Imaging Based BRDF/BTDF Measurements
- Mark Jongewaard, University of Colorado/LTI Optics

Session – Photometry Applications at the University of Colorado

Chair: Mark Jongewaard, University of Colorado/LTI Optics

A New Multi-Sphere HDR Imaging Calibration System
- Mio Stanley, University of Colorado

Spectral Modeling of LED Sources
- Calvin Lanpher, LTI Optics

Spectral Lamp Model Performance Variations
- Austin Atkins, University of Colorado

A Baby Boomer’s Career in Optical Radiometry
- Daryl Myers, NREL, retired