CORM 2023 Presentations

Optical Properties of Materials
Aaron Goldfain

Material Characterization of Phantom Standards Developed by the National Institute of Standards and Technology for Quantitative Optical Medical Imaging Applications

Jeeseong Hwang, NIST

μBRDF Measurement and Traceability Challenges

Lou Gevaux, LNE-CNAM

Impact of a Finite Thickness Integrating Sphere Port on Diffuse Reflectance Measurements

Luke Sandilands, NRC

UV-C Directional Reflectance Measurements of Common Materials

Aaron Goldfain, NIST

UV Radiometry, Andrew Jackson

UV LED Measurements Using the IES-LM-92 Methods

Jeff Hulett, Vektrex

Key Findings from Radiometric Testing of Upper-Room GUV Luminaires

Jason Tuenge, PNNL

Field-Evaluations of Upper-Room and Whole-Room Germicidal Ultraviolet Installations

Eduardo Rodriguez-Feo Bermudez, PNNL

Importance of UV Spectral Distribution in Solar Simulator Applications

Andrew Brezinski, Sciencetech, Inc

The Need for Fluence-Rate Measurement Instruments

David Sliney, Independent Consultant

Current Research at NMIs I
Angela Gamouras

A New Method for Measuring Splice Loss Uncertainty in Single Photon Detector Efficiency Measurements

Sonia Buckley, NIST

Spectroradiometer Calibration with an UAV-Borne Light Source

Liviu Ivanescu, NRC

Development of a New Reference Photometer

Yuqin Zong, NIST

Infrared Radiometry for Space-Based Earth Outgoing Radiation Measurements

Patrick McArdle, NIST

Educational Session on Glare Metrics, Models and Standards
Mark Jongewaard

Reflections on Daylight Glare Evaluations in Built Environments

Mehlika Inanici, University of Washington

Why is outdoor glare such a stubborn problem?

Naomi Miller, Belal Abboushi, PNNL

Current Research at NMIs II
Heather Patrick

Radiation Pressure to Facilitate Measurements of High Laser Powers

Kyle Rogers, NIST

Quantum Cascade Lasers for Measurement Science

Nelson Rowell, NRC

NRC Cryogenic Radiometer: Scale realization from the UV to NIR

Ka-ming Liu, NRC

Laboratory and Field Calibration Methods for Solar-Induced Fluorescence Monitoring Systems

Julia Marrs, NIST

Metrology of Indoor and Outdoor Lighting
Craig Bernecker

A New Metric for Visibility of the Phantom Array Effect

Jianchuan Tan, PNNL

Study of Non-Uniformity Corrections in Luminous Flux Measurements of Automotive Headlamps Using an Integrating Sphere Through Simulations

Luis Prado Jr., Prado Lux

Effect of Field of View and Cosine Correction on Spatial Efficiency for Indoor Lighting

Parisa Mahmoudzadeh, Penn State

Further Studies in Metrology of Indoor and Outdoor Lighting
Howard Eng

Discomfort Glare for Pedestrians: Can Any Model Get Us in the Ballpark

Belal Abboushi, PNNL

Improving the Mp Metric for Evaluation of Flicker

Jiaye Li, NIST

Invited Talk

Cone Fundamental Photometry and Colorimetry

Lorne Whitehead, University of British Columbia

Human Vision
Jeff Hovis

The Effect of Texture on Perceived Color Differences

Zhenhua Luo, NC State

The Influence of Background on the Visual Color Difference Evaluation of Multicolored Materials

Jiaying Wu, NC State

Visual Quality in Low-Light Environments: Effects of White, Amber and Red Lighting on Perception and Light Pollution Reduction

Dorukalp Durmus, Penn State

Do Working Individuals with Color Vision Deficiencies Experience Challenges in the Digital Age?

Sandra Mazur, University of Waterloo

Color Vision Testing for the Railways

Jeffery Hovis, University of Waterloo

A Core Lighting Curriculum for University Students and Independent Learners

Kevin Houser, Oregon State